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The Fayvogue Story

After an extensive period of examining fashion trends and wanting to create a stir in the world of women clothing, Mr. Santosh Kumar envisioned the presence of an online platform that would offer women across India, seasons trendiest women apparel in amazing ranges of Western Clothes, Indo-Western Clothes, Lingerie, Accessories and Night Dresses. Hence, after seeking blessings of Goddess Sharwani he came up with SHARWANI FASCINATION WARDROBE LLP. After careful thought the concept of Fayvogue was conceived. This was set rolling by Mr. Hitesh Bhatt. With the guidance of Mr. Deep Bhatt, this team of dynamic threesome set afloat FAYVOGUE. FAYVOGUE comes from the profoundness of two fashionable words, ‘Fay’ which is abbreviation of the word ‘fairy’ and ‘Vogue’ which means fashion. When these two combine, they generate the essence of a Fashionable Fairy. These are two ideas that the team believes deeply in.

The threesome believes in catering instant fashion. Whatever is in trend at the time should be made available to the customers without any delay. Something that has always bothered Indian Fashion scene is unavailability of the latest trends. SHARWANI FASCINATION WARDROBE LLP not only focuses on the best quality and latest fashion but also on the efficiency with which the clothes are made available to the customers. Their main idea is to provide the urban youth with latest trends in Indo-Western & Western wear at affordable prices. For all of this they are expanding their horizons. With the benefits of technology at their disposal they are creating a website, which will be user friendly and a quick way to shop.



To be the most loved and popular retailer of garments in India by 2020.


  • To provide latest trends to the urban youth as soon as possible.
  • To make sure that urban youth does not have to spend beyond their budget to stay in vogue.

Expansion Vision

  • To become fastest seller of garments in India.
  • To become a known brand across the nation.
  • To be one of the pioneers in the Fashion Industry
  • Becoming one of the most visited websites in the country.
  • Expand into various business sectors.


We, at Sharwani Pvt. Ltd. Believe in giving back to the society, although we believe we can never give back to the society as much as it has given to us, we make full efforts in trying to donate in the best of our capacity. We are dedicated towards Girl Child Education, a cause that has been very close to the heart of Mr. Santosh Kumar as he believes that girls and women are the architects of any society but they do not get the respect they deserve. He believes that education and only education can bring in the much-needed change in the society.